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Greg Essayan

I grew up in the suburbs of New York City where an annual elementary school ritual was a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium on Manhattan’s upper west side in New York City. I can recall sinking into the plush velvet theater seats of the Planetarium, the narrator gradually dimming the lights and asking us to imagine ourselves somewhere far from the bright lights of Broadway. In a mysterious land, a remote place, where the Milky Way shone brightly without interference from city lights or smog. Then, as the dome above darkened, we would watch in breathless wonderment as it filled with hundreds of stars appearing spectacularly jewel-like against the blackness.

My Panoramic Milky Way pieces share with you that same feeling of wonder and awe I experienced as a child. However, unlike a Planetarium re-creation, these images are real. They are made in remote locations, often under extremely challenging conditions, against magnificent landscapes. The starlight I capture left distant suns aeons ago. In essence each piece is a time machine. A magical window into a distant past across the vast expanse of light years of space and time. They are Ultra High-Definition, Ultra Wide-Field Panoramas spanning 180 degrees or more. My “Hemispheres” are Ultra High-Definition as well, spanning a full 360 degrees, capturing the entire dome of the heavens, the Milky Way and surrounding landscape horizon-to-horizon as if you were laying on your back gazing skyward. The resulting images are so extraordinarily clear and richly detailed that they may be enjoyed printed up to 7 feet wide and truly must be seen to be believed. All the details, colors and tens of thousands of stars you see are real. Each piece was carefully executed from a single location in real time employing precise calculations, highly specialized photographic equipment and processes and are a true representation of the scene that was before me at a singular place and time. They are NOT mere Photoshop composites.

My landscape pieces are made using medium and large format cameras ideally suited for capturing the fine nuances of mood, light, color and detail that enables the creation of finished fine art prints with extraordinary detail, richness and depth. Realize that even cell phone shots look great viewed on a computer monitor. It is how images appear once printed as fine art 4 to 7 feet wide that is the true test of quality.

I invite you to visit Jeff Mitchum Galleries with locations at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and at the Bellagio on “The Strip” in Las Vegas and in La Jolla, California where you may view many of my pieces printed up to 7 feet wide. Knowledgable Art Consultants will be pleased to assist you.

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Greg Essayan