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Milky Way Panoramic Starscape“Zen Lake”

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The summer Milky Way arcs over a pristine lake. Calm water smooths to a softly reflective surface during the exposure. The center of our home galaxy the Milky Way near center frame. Earth, water and sky in perfect cosmic harmony. An image I have long wanted to capture… “Zen Lake”.

Panoramic Starscape

“Stone Tempest”

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“Stone Tempest” was one of the most challenging images I have ever made… logistically, technically and artistically. It was made in an extremely remote location, and as is true with all my images, it was executed from that single location, in real time. It is NOT a Photoshop composite. Every element came together exactly as I had visualized. The ancient stone formations, sculpted over the ages by wind and water, magically luminous and composed in perfect juxtaposition with the rising center of our galactic home the Milky Way.