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Greg Essayan



“What I seek to capture in my images is a feeling. The emotional experience of a place and of time. My images are carefully crafted using the most state of the art medium and large format cameras ideally suited for capturing the subtleties of mood, light, color and fine detail that enables the creation of timeless finished fine art pieces with extraordinary detail, richness, nuance and depth.”
– Greg Essayan

A graduate of Yale University, Greg Essayan completed a double major in History of Art and Art earning his B.A. magna cum laude. Greg was privileged to have been mentored by some of the most legendary photographic artists of the 20th century including Ansel Adams, Walker Evans and Irving Penn while also having the opportunity to have his work critiqued by other legendary figures most notably William Bailey, William Eggleston, Emmet Gowin, Judy Dater and Jack Welpott. During this period, Greg worked primarily in monochrome using an 8×10 Deardorff view camera and a Mamiya C330 film camera. Doing his printing in a “wet darkroom” he often used vintage methods such as Platinum and Palladium printing. Greg’s iconic image “Anne, 1976” was acquired by the Yale University Art Gallery for its permanent collection in 1977, at that time making him the youngest artist to have work in the gallery’s permanent collection.

While continuing the pursuit of his artistic vision through the medium of photography, Greg earned his J.D. (Juris Doctorate) and became a member of the New York Bar, and still is today. For over 20 years following his graduation from law school Greg practiced with large New York City law firms, served as an Assistant General Attorney for American Broadcasting Company and became a successful real estate developer and businessman. However, over the years, photography remained his true passion and calling and Greg continued to make images at every opportunity working primarily with 35mm Kodachrome color film and his vintage 8×10 Deardorf view camera.

Today, Greg devotes nearly 100% of his time and energy to his art. Working passionately he creates stunning photographic pieces capturing the beauty and drama of our planet and even the universe beyond. He does whatever is required, travels to remote locations and sometimes works under challenging conditions to realize his artistic vision. Some of his pieces require weeks or even months of planning and preparation to execute. Using a state of the art “true medium-format” Phase One 150 megapixel camera system along with decades of experience, Greg takes advantage of the most state of the art photographic imaging technology while at the same time remaining true to the traditions of classical art and traditional analog film photography. His beautiful atmospheric pieces celebrate light and color in a manner that evokes the great landscape painters of the late 19th century such as Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran.

Greg’s large (up to 30×90 inch) fine art pieces have been presented and successfully sold at galleries in Bellagio and in MGM Grand on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. In addition to his work in the permanent collection of the Yale Art Gallery, Greg’s pieces have been acquired by collectors on 4 continents, while discerning individuals and business entities commission Greg to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces and execute special projects.

As of early Summer 2019 a select collection of Greg’s pieces may be viewed and acquired by collectors at the exclusive Villa Martiena Gallery in beautiful Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy.

“Greg is a gifted artist who understands how light paints for the camera. His creative process demonstrates that rare combination of technical brilliance, patience and creative vision that only true masters possess. As you view his pieces, notice the subtle and delicate hand of an artist with a deep and intuitive feeling for beauty, light and form and who is in touch with his inner being, the camera and the spiritual.”
-A noted gallery owner writing about Greg and his work