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Bergen, Norway

I spent some time earlier this year exploring the edges of the Arctic. Check out some of the prints from the trip now on display at Jeff Mitchum Galleries at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Notes from the field: ​”Making my way back south having left Nord Kapp,​ the norther​nmost point of land on the European continent and the towns of Gjesvaer and Kamoyvaer. There is definitely a “You’re not in Kansas anymore” feeling about shooting up here. With the “midnight sun,​” the “golden hour” lasts 3 hours! The weather that comes in off the Arctic Ocean and the Barrents […]

Greg Essayan


VEGAS24SEVEN.COM – 02 Dec 2014 – FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER GREG ESSAYAN JOINS JEFF MITCHUM GALLERIES       Jeff Mitchum & Greg Essayan Fine art photographer, Greg Essayan, best known for his stunning images made at night including the stars and Milky Way, brings a new perspective and vision to Jeff Mitchum Galleries. “I am so thrilled to welcome Greg to my galleries. Not only is he true to the traditions of classic photography, but he brings a unique skill set for capturing the night sky and creating truly special celestial shots unlike any other photographer I know today,” said Jeff […]


Under the Center of Our Galaxy

The actual center of our home galaxy the Milky Way is in the star cloud just above and to the right of my head. To get an idea how faint the light was, notice the “overexposed” dial of my wrist watch.

Greg Essayan Under the Milky Way